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Q: What is The FLP?

A: The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) is a bespoke process to engage with graduates and enable them to learn about the global and local trends of leadership. It also includes a structured TV format of interactive enter-educate tasks where these graduates learn how to lead in their future career through real-time participation. The Future Leaders Ltd (The FLL)- a UK registered company has developed The FLP concept and has introduced it to Bangladesh in partnership with Channel i.

Q: What is The FLP Season 4?

A: The FLP in Business 2012-13 and FLP in Business & Science 2014 have just been successfully delivered which focused on the graduates from the Business, Science & Technology faculties to learn about Leadership and Entrepreneurship. It ensured the sharing of knowledge, good practices and action based learning through a first-time ever reality show of its kind in Channel i enabling wider audiences having the opportunity to learn as well.

From last year (2015) we have extended the programme to cater for Business, Science & Technology and Social Sciences graduates; which had been a unique showcasing of ‘linking innovation with ethical & sustainable business activities’ to make a real difference contributing to our national development.

In 2016 at the Season 4 of the FLP we are continuing the same welcoming graduates to participate from all disciplines from any public or private University of Bangladesh.

Value proposition

  • First ever TV reality show to search for talents to aspire them to be the future leaders in Business, Social Sciences & Science-Technology
  • Inclusion of graduates from all disciplines from all over the country (Public Universities, Colleges under the National University, Private Universities) enabling a nation-wide participation
  • A step forward to mainstream sustainable provision and encompass major disciplines i.e. Business, Science & technology, Liberal Arts etc in stages.
  • Interaction with pro-development professional communities of the country
  • Reward as in knowledge progression to Higher educational and knowledge attainment, mentoring support here and abroad
  • Focus on key national and economic interests in the tasks based competition phase
  • Youth engagement and development on personal and professional levels promoting entrepreneurship
  • Policy guidelines imbedded with the programme flow- Equal Opportunity, Fair Assessment, Green aspects and sustainability, ICT application provisions, Health & Safety

Q: Is The FLP a franchised format?

A: No. The FLP is not a franchise of any existing business competition related TV format/ content. The Future Leaders Ltd (The FLL) has designed this unique format, over which The FLL reserves the sole IP right of. The FLL partnered with Channel i in Bangladesh to organise The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) in Business 2012-13, in Business and Science & Technology in 2014 and continued the programme last year with further inclusion of Social Sciences with Science-Technology with Business. The FLL has been working on introducing other enter-educate programmes in other regions of the World; and also for clients of other disciplines in Bangladesh.

Q: What will be the processes involved in The FLP 2016?

A: Programme launch on the 23rd of June 2016 > Registration > Information sharing sessions in Dhaka and other divisions while registration continues> Written & Verbal Assessment to select participants for Reality TV Show> Leadership traits focused Reality TV sessions at Channel i > Top contestants progress to further & higher education and learning.


Q: Is The FLP for students from the Universities based in Dhaka?

A: The FLP 2016 is for all the graduates of Business, Commerce, Science, Technology and Social Science Faculties from all the Public (including Open, National) and Private Universities of Bangladesh.

Q: Who can apply?

A: Graduates on the 31st of December 2015 or before are eligible to apply only. Any study break of over 3 years to be evidenced by relevant job experiences.

Q: My graduation is from a College under National University, can I apply?

A: All the graduates from Business, Commerce, Science, Technology, Social Science faculties of Colleges under the National University are eligible to apply.

Q: I do not have IELTs, can I apply?

A: Yes. You do not need to have IELTS score to apply to FLP. Only the winners will require to have TOEFL/ IELTS score to be accepted as eligible by the Universities. 


Q: How do I apply?

A: Please collect registration form from your relevant Department at your University, or download the form from

After filling it in duly, please submit it to your Department or email to

Please keep an eye on Channel i and our FB for submission related information and deadline.

Q: Do I need to pay any registration fee to take part in the FLP?

A: NO.

Q: How will you notify me for the participation in next phase?

A: Phone call/ Email/ notification letter.

Learning & Assessment

Q: What would I get out of my participation?

A: World class lectures and knowledge sharing sessions from professionals.

Q: How many will be selected for the Reality TV Show Part?

A: Top 60.

Q: How will you assess me for selection in the Reality TV Show part?

A: A written test externally designed by the Universities to test the following-

Questions on Logical & Mathematical Reasoning

Questions on Leadership Attitude

Questions on Data Analysis

English Proficiency

Q: Who will assess/ mark the test sheets

A: Assessment and scoring will be conducted by the University representatives.

Q: How will you ensure that there is not representation from one particular University or one particular discipline?

A: We will apply a logical method to select Top 60 ensuring proportional representation of participants from Universities nationwide and disciplines.

Reality Show Phase

Q: Who will bear my accommodation costs during the reality show phase?

A: The top 60 who will come to the reality show part, their full accommodation will be borne by the Programme authority. For the sake of the TV recording etc the participants to be co-located till the show finishes. Hence necessary arrangements with employer and guardians to be ensured by the participants.

Q: What shall we do in this phase?

A: There will be tasks in groups. Tasks have been designed with focus on the national and economic interest of Bangladesh and to measure the Leadership traits and Team work ability of the participants.

Q: Will there be any elimination?

A: Yes, elimination will preferably happen in Groups, hence it will be imperative to be able to work in a team to have better chances to succeed. The Judges may eliminate participants individually too.

Q: Who will judge us for elimination?

A: There will be a Lead Judge to be aided by 1 fixed Assistant Judge. There will be task-focused external expert to maintain objective judgement.

Q: What benefit do I get if I become one of the Top contestants?

A: Full fees Scholarship for Masters/ NQF level 7 and Professional qualification Abroad.

Q: What are the mandatory eligibility requirements to avail this knowledge progression rewards?

English- Valid IELTS 6.5 in all bands.

Entry to the Universities- First degree, References, Job experiences if applicable, declaration of criminal offence, if any. The University reserves the right with regards to the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies.

Fees: Full scholarship, to be borne by the University and The FLP authority.

Accommodation & Travel- Students to make necessary arrangements for their accommodation & travel to the respective country of the University.

Visa- The FLP authority will duly inform the relevant High Commission/ Embassy here in Dhaka. The High Commission/ Embassy reserves the sole right with regards to issuing the visa or other wise to the FLP winner/s. Fees to be borne by the participants.

Future plans

Q: What is thought for encouraging self employment and enterprises?

A: The FLL has introduced another flagship programme parallel to FLP titled 'The Excellence in Entrepreneurship Programme (EEP) in 2016.








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