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a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries, registered in Ireland, and with the NGO Affairs Bureau. 

Concern Worldwide, Bangladesh and The FLL have partnered to sustain the social business called 'Mojar Khabar' being managed by extreme poor supported by the InvESt project of Concern, funded by SHIREE & UKAID.


is a boutique, Swiss - based financial services company, specialised in offering independent and impartial asset management and financial planning advice to the international community throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Working partnership between The FLL and Blackden has been opening up new venture opportunities on-shore & off-shore for Bangladeshi owned companies.

LOGO Swiss

the consulting arm of The FLL based in Geneva, the guiding principle is trust.

In both our areas of skill, be it finance or international trade, we rely on a vast, confirmed and time proven network of personal and institutional relationships, that allows us to successfully promote and sustain businesses and eventually entrust them as part of our network.

LOGO Bangladesh

DCCI has partnered with The FLL to the implementation of a project called Excellence in Entrepreneurship Programme (EEP) which primarily corresponds to and extends the deliverables of the ‘Creating 2000 New Entrepreneurs’ launched already by DCCI in April, 2013. 

The EEP will showcase enterprise development excellence by young entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.


CriticaLink is to save lives in Bangladesh by providing rapid emergency medical care to injured people in the event of a medical emergency through a large network of well-trained First Responders. Efficient and accessible communication system i.e. mobile technology, GPS, and call centers will enable easy reporting of accidents and rapid dispatch of nearby First Responders.

The FLL and CriticaLink are partners in mainstreaming and sustaining the service nationwide and abroad.


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